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Are you ready to recover your full self? To shift and change those things in your life that are not nurturing you, that are not supporting you in being your authentic self, to heal that which causes you pain? Are you ready to heal those old wounds, to discover your spirit allies, to connect with and learn to hear the guidance from your spirit animals and guardians? Are you ready to embrace your light and power?! 

Reiki Energy and chakra balancing, Trauma healing,  Shamanic work, including soul retrieval, entity removal, finding your animal and spirit guides, spiritual counseling, ceremony.

           Santa Fe N.M.

" Elizabeth has taken Reiki to the next level with her Shamanic wisdom, and as a Shaman she brings out the best of both modalities. She is able to offer a nurturing space while still performing deep healing work such as soul retrieval, entity release and emotional healing. Most importantly, she brings her clients safely back." ~Dailey Little
                             Reiki Master, Teacher

Sacred Touch

    Elizabeth (Beth) Morris 

Elizabeth Ann Morris 

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"Beth was there for me on my darkest day. She gave me the words and tools to fix what was broken and make it whole again. I can never thank her enough for what she has done for me and my husband.”  – Denise Shaw  
            Shamanic and Reiki Healing can:    

  • Heal the effects of Trauma.
  • Help recover from breakups.
  • Offer relief from chronic pain.​
  • Result in a significant reduction in chemotherapy side effects.
  • Offer Freedom from anxiety and depression, restoring a will to live.
  • Bring relief from cravings and ugly thoughts from addiction.
  • Help you create stronger and more loving relationships.
  • Support you in making positive changes.
  • Help you get unstuck, and live more joyfully.

"My back pain is so much better since our Reiki session, I have not had to take any pain medication, Thank you so much!" – DeeDee

"Beth works in a sacred space, that vibrates most authentically with her wonderful energy...I look forward to the sessions I will share with her."

– Melissa McIntire

 Healing for 

​Mind, Body, and Spirit