Healing for 

​Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Reiki healing work can;

  • Offer relief from physical pain
  • Help the body heal faster from surgery
  • Relax the mind and the body
  • Balance energy in the body so you can focus and feel more centered
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Help you see the solution to a problem you are having
  • Create a sense of well being
  • ​Open you to receiving love
  • Unlock your creativity


I earned my Reiki Master (which involves the passing on of  knowledge, and attunements, as well as hands on training) from Dailey Little of Santa Rosa. My training is in the Dr.Usui System passed down through a lineage that includes Dr. Hayashi of Japan, and Mrs. Takata of Hawaii. It involves active commitment from the client in their healing process. The Reiki energy is translated as "Spiritually guided life force energy" it is transmitted through the hands of the practitioner and involves restoring blance in the energy body as well as the physical body. 

This sweetie, Lucy, ate a poisonous mushroom and was just recovering from near liver failure. She cuddled up and "took in" a lot of Reiki energy. shortly after our session, she finally drank some broth, her first oral liquids since the hospital. She has fully recovered and is a happy, rambunctious adult dog.

Reiki for Pets.

When animals hurt, they are very receptive to Reiki healing. I love that pets can sense the energy and open up to receiving it. Cats will often sniff my hands then lay on their backs, or purr into my hands.

​Dogs are very direct about receiving Reiki, they often stand or lay quietly and take it in, and when they are "done" they often give me a kiss or a nudge

Dr. Usui's Guidelines are:

Just for today, do not anger.

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude.

Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people.

Everymorning and evening fold your hands in prayer.

Pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth.

"I have relied on Elizabeth  for Reiki and Shamanic healing sessions for some time now. I visit her for a variety of medical and personal reasons, and just for generalized "tune up" sessions as well.  I cannot recommend her enough.  She is warm, personable, professional, and so intuitively gifted that I am sometimes left speechless at how insightful she can be.  She makes me feel welcome and at ease, she is easy to talk to about personal issues, and she provides comfortable and decorous surroundings.  While she is working with me, I can quite literally feel the energy shifting and lightening, in and around me."  – P. Louverde

Reiki is a type of Healing energy; "Rei" is Japanese for "of God, or Divinity" and "Ki" is like the Chinese "chi" which is "life source energy. "

Reiki flows through the energy pathways in the body helping to open up any restrictions, congestion and blockages in the energetic systems. One of the things Reiki can assist with in this process is releasing beliefs and thoughts that are causing a conflict with our lives and easing the restriction these beliefs have created. It also can be used to find and remove stuck energies that are causing illness and blockages in energy flow.

Reiki energy also helps the cells in the body vibrate to the optimum healing level so that you physically heal. Reiki energy brings balance to you and your body on all levels.