Healing for 

​Mind, Body, and Spirit

My offering to Pele

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I work in Sacred space, which means there is an atmosphere and agreement of trust, safety, and an honoring of boundaries, throughout the healing process, at all times.

Read more about Sacred Temple Lomi Lomi on my teachers' web site.

Lomi Lomi (massage) is a type of massage developed in Hawaii by indigenous healers. There are several styles of Lomi Lomi but all are rooted in the principles of Love, Aloha, and prayer.  I learned from Tom Cochran and Donna Jason who teach "Sacred Temple" style Lomi Lomi, which is within the lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawaii. Sacred Temple Lomi brings the energies of the body into balance and releases excess emotions, pain, and negative energy.

 Sunrise walk on the Island of Kauai

   I'm certified in Sacred Temple Lomi Lomi (massage) and have found my own style of healing touch work that incorporates Reiki energy. This creates a very intuitive touch, that guides me clearly to your areas of pain, muscle tightness and "stuck" energy. This is a safe, honoring, type of body work that will help you feel;
Deep relaxation
Release of physical pain

A sense of wellbeing