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This is one of my "masks', which I made years ago. The feathers were all collected while hiking.

My Training:

I have studied and practiced Shamanism for over 8 years, getting the privilege to work with and learn from several wonderful Shamanic Practitioners. I did a 9 month apprenticeship with Meg Beeler of Sonoma, who imparted her wisdom in being caretakers of the Earth, and Andes cosmology to me, as she guided me through the Munay-ki rites and taught me how to connect and work with ancestral and Land spirits. Meg taught me how to honor our connection with the spirits of the Earth, Stars, Universe, etc. and how to work with the physical, and the ethereal bodies. She taught me how to step outside of time and how to hold healing space with integrity and Love!

I took several courses, including Core Shamanism, from Michale Harner's "The foundation of Shamanic Studies", and became certified in Soul Retrieval with author, and amazing Shaman, Sandra Ingerman.

Some of the types of Shamanic Healing I offer:

Soul Retrieval (restoring a person's soul parts lost to them through traumas, this restores  one's vital essence but does not "bring back" the trauma.)  

Extractions (removing "that which does not belong" in the body; heavy energies, entities, and filling with light)

Power Animal identity (I discover your power animal and bring it to you, which brings you power and protection)

Identification of Your Passion or Purpose (we all have a reason we choose this life, lessons and experiences, we also have something that excites our soul about being "us" and I have been taught how to ask your higher self what your passion is.)

Spiritual counseling (seeking Spirit guidance to help you know how to deal with a problem or issue you are facing, discovering what will best help you in your healing.)

Shamanism is not a religion and you do not need to "believe" in it for the work to be effective.

Shamanism is the world's oldest Healing Practice and there are many resources available to learn more about Shamanic healing.  I have trained and studied with several experienced Shamanic healers. The core of my shamanic practice is based on universal principles; I am a liason between the realm of Spirit and the world we think of as ordinary reality. I am trained to facilitate healing of a person or place by working with compassionate, helping spirits.  I become a channel for healing and communication, often carrying restorative energy from "non ordinary reality" to "ordinary reality" so that people can return to wholeness, heal past wounds, get unstuck from situations and patterns, and figure out how to live more joyfully with a sense of power and light.

​Read more about Shamanism from several of my teachers:

Sandra Ingerman

​Michael Harner

Meg Beeler

My beautiful drum, a very loved Shamanic tool!

 Healing for 

​Mind, Body, and Spirit